The Carhartt Brothers
The Home of the Carhartt Brothers
Three brothers separated at birth. " Bob" playing guitar, " Bob" banging on the bass , and "Bob" ok, it's a banjo...enough said! Our folks were very creative in naming us!

The Boyz have been pounding out sounds for a number of years. Playing many different venues from Railroads to Remote Lodges, The Alaska State Fair to King Salmon. We have been at many private functions even playing on a cruise ship in Prince William Sound. And of course numerous Carhartt Balls.

*We are not connected to Carhartt Inc. other than we like their gear and they are great folks. When we are playing in the middle of winter at Fur Rondy....we are very glad that we have Carhartt's on!

Boyz in Prudhoe Pajamas and Alaskan Tuxedos
See what else the Boyz are wearing
Schedule of Events
Friday, June 28
6 pm
Wolf Lake Airport
BOB             BOB            BOB
Sunday, June 2
Skeetawk, Alaska
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Saturday - Sunday
August 17-18
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
Wolf Lake Community Picnic
               Pot luck   
Sunday July 14
10- 4
Lake Hood
Thursday, May 30
Palmer Train Depot
Private Event
Friday Aug. 30 
Watering Hole  4:00-4:45
Blue Bonnet     6:00-7:00
Monday Sept. 2
Blue Bonnet      1:00-1:45
Watering Hole   4:00-4:45